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Denim -  apartment complex

Suppose you are building a beautiful apartment complex, but there is no parking facility for future residents. The solution: working together with Q-Park. Project and area developer Ingenious from Veenendaal tells more about this.

Ingenious is building the 'Denim' apartment complex in the heart of Veenendaal. The forty apartments - which vary in size from S (55 m2) to XL (142 m2) - will be delivered at the end of 2024. “Ingenious always looks at the entire living experience,” says project manager Nico Bakker. “Parking is an important factor here. Especially if you have a family, for example. Unfortunately, it was impossible to build a parking facility under this complex”.

Collaborate instead of building

Ingenious and Q-Park are therefore working together to offer future residents guaranteed, safe parking, a stone's throw from their home. No less than 60 places are available at Q-Park for the forty apartments that Ingenious has built, where residents can park their car - or even their cars - for an attractive rate.

Mariëlle Velthoven, Head of Sales & Marketing at Q-Park Netherlands, explains. “With hundreds of parking facilities in the Netherlands, we can often offer a solution for developers. They reserve the parking capacity in our parking garages, we keep the spaces free for future residents. This way they do not have to build, and we make optimal use of existing capacity.”

According to Bakker, there is no doubt that the presence of a parking space improves the saleability of the apartments. “We don't yet know how many parking spaces the residents actually need. But we offer them a guarantee, so at the moment; Better to much than to less."

 'Denim' apartment complex

Attractive public space and sustainability

According to Bakker, the agreement between Q-Park and Ingenious also fits in with the plans of the municipality to keep cars out of the streets and to gradually make the center of Veenendaal car-free. “That is quite nice, of course, but people continue to need a parking space.”

Velthoven adds: “By moving cars from the street to garages, we create an attractive public space together. By adding charging stations in Q-Park parking garages, which currently already have more than 1,100 in the Netherlands, we also contribute to making transport more sustainable. That's only win-win”.

Exterior Ingenious

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