INTEGRA-pw: Setting the Bar High for Parking Safety Barriers in Europe with projekt w's Exceptional Work Ethic and Customer Commitment

 With over 1200 completed projects, projekt w have a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions for their customers.

When it comes to parking safety barriers, the INTEGRA-pw brand has been a leading force in Europe for over a decade.  With over 1200 completed projects, they have a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions for their customers. However, what sets projekt w apart is not just their expertise in car park design, but their work ethic and commitment to customer satisfaction.

At the core of their success lies the work of their Sales Team:

  • Martin Kieroth – Team-coordination Sales International INTEGRA-pw, responsible for South and West Europe
  • Dimitrij Henrichs – Sales International INTEGRA-pw, responsible for North and East Europe
  • Burkhard Kahl-Pfeiffer – Sales Director INTEGRA-pw, responsible for Germany

Martin Kieroth, stands to the right in orange high vis and white work helmet, in the backgound a multi-storey parking garage is being built

Together they ensure that quality and performance requirements are met to the highest standard. Their commitment to family customer loyalty, that is, building long-term relationships with customers based on trust, reliability, and quality, as well as direct contact with the whole supply chain from architect and builder to parking operator and maintenance company, has led to the creation of an exceptional product that sets INTEGRA-pw apart from its competitors.

Cooperation at eye level is another key requirement for projekt w. This means working closely with architects, builders, operators and maintenance companies to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the project is completed to the highest standards. projekt w maintains a close relationship with the customer and the construction site, which enables them to respond to any issues or concerns quickly and efficiently before, during, and after the completion of a project.

Clearance meetings on site are another important aspect of projekt w's work ethic. These meetings provide an opportunity for direct communication with customers and the supply chain, allowing for a more customer-oriented and personalized approach to advice and problem-solving.

Back of a man in orange high vis at a parking garage construction site.

projekt w is committed to constant development and improvement; always seeking out new ideas and technologies that can help improve their products and services, as well as being responsive and flexible when it comes to customer needs. This commitment has enabled them to meet their clients' needs in over 1200 realized car park projects throughout Europe.

With over 1200 realized car park projects in Europe and an eye on further expansion in Eastern Europe, INTEGRA-pw is a leader in parking safety barriers, providing solutions that are setting new standards in the industry. projekt w’s work ethic, dedication to customer service and understanding that success requires not just meeting the needs of today's customers but anticipating and preparing for the needs of tomorrow will surely lead them to success in this new market.

About projekt w 

projekt w

projekt w was founded in 1984 and is located in central Germany and specializes in safety barriers for car parks. We have set ourselves the task of integrating our products harmoniously into parking structures. The INTEGRA-pw product portfolio replaces conventional systems such as concrete parapets or guardrails and meets applicable European and US standards.