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Focused on LPR / ANPR Cameras

Our LPR / ANPR Cameras are specifically designed for triggerless, serverless and frictionless vehicle control and monitoring solutions such as Ticketless ParkingTraditional ParkingAccess Control, SecurityITS, Tolling and Smart City operations.

Survision LPR / ANPR Cameras read and process license plates in real-time without servers of physical triggers. 


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Headquarters location 22 rue d’Arras
92000 Nanterre, FR

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11251 NW 20th st #116
33172 Miami
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  • License Plate Camera
  • License Plate Recognition Camera
  • License Plate Recognition Systems
  • Traffic Sensors

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Survision Picopak: Mobile LPR (License Plate Recognition) Made EASY


How Can LPR Improve Your Parking?


Access control

SURVISION provides installers and manufacturers of access control systems (public and private car parks, industrial and service industry sites) vehicle identification based solutions to add to their catalogue.

Public car-parks

Public car-parks present particular issues because they are accessible to the public (heightened risk of fraud, theft, damage, unauthorized parking...) and because it is necessary to ensure efficient invoicing of the parking period. This can apply to classic car-parks or temporary parking zones which are insufficiently monitored (drop-off area, taxi access zones...).

The deployment of number plate recognition cameras allows for a significant gain in terms of SURVISION Public car-parkssecurity (comparison of entry and exit numbers to prevent theft and fraud), cost-effectiveness (management of lost tickets and monitoring of exchanges of tickets) and public service (greater traffic fluidity thanks to zones for VIPS or lease-holders monitored exclusively by number plate recognition or automatic opening on exit after payment).

SURVISION usually only provides the number plate recognition cameras, which are integrated into the range of manufacturers of toll systems. Please contact us if you require the list of manufacturers who have integrated the SURVISION cameras.

When there are significant security issues, SURVISION can also provide radiator grill identification cameras. A set of data is then monitored, rendering it impossible to steal the vehicle or exchange the ticket.

Private car-parks

These are essential for a large number of sites (head offices, apartment blocks, campsites, hotels, university hospitals, ports...) and a source of many problems when they are badly monitored (risk of theft, conflict with authorized users, mass unauthorized use by locals, unauthorized vehicles, SURVISION Private car-parksetc...)

The addition of number plate cameras allows for better optimization of the occupation of parking places, lower running costs, better security and better traffic flow at peak periods.

The cameras can be provided on their own and interface with a third-party system using a WIEGAND interface or by using IP or RS232. For the list of manufacturers who have integrated the SURVISION protocole, please contact us.

When the monitoring to be implemented concerns only the vehicle access, SURVISION is also able to provide a solution which contains, apart from the number plate recognition cameras, the application of vehicle access management. This application can be very light (WLP) or be based on a Client-Server architecture making it possible to potentially manage tens of access points (AUTOFOCUS).

Industrial sites

These have particular restrictions; either because of the nature of the vehicles which access them (lorries possible transporting dangerous goods), or because of the activities carried out (loading and unloading of materials and products) or because of the particularly dangerous nature of the products manufactured or handled on these sites (SEVESO sites).

SURVISION offers the managers of these sites a means of reinforcing their security by making the Industrial sitesmonitoring of vehicles accessing the site systematic, automatic and rapid, where this verification previously used less precise and slower manual methods.

The verification can concern the number plates, but also the dangerous goods plates, and it can be combined with weighing systems when the activity requires a verification before and/or after unloading (notably to ensure precise invoicing).

The SURVISION cameras provide number plate and dangerous goods data which can interface with most access control solutions on the market. SURVISION is also able to provide a complete solution (Cameras, servers and man-machine interface) when the issue in question concerns only vehicle verification.

The SURVISION cameras enable a multitude of installation configurations (vertical or horizontal, on a long or short pole, on the wall or on a ceiling, in machines of various different formats...). They can therefore be adapted to the limits of all the urban or periruban sites, in the exterior or or underground, on several levels, etc...



Segments & Benefits


  • Automatic access for subscribers
  • Lost ticket
  • Transparent invoicing
  • Pollution reduction
  • Improved security
  • Reduction of operational costs


  • Management of reserved lanes (bus, taxi)
  • On-street parking managment
  • Identification of wanted vehicles (stolen vehicles)
  • Management of traffic restrictions (heavy trucks, ...)


  • Identification of wanted vehicles (stolen vehicles)
  • Identification of uninsured vehicles
  • Identification of vehicles lacking
  • roadworthiness inspection


  • Measurement and study of traffic
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Journey time
  • Dangerous Goods monitoring
  • Stop & Go and Free-Flow tolling

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