Tradeshows - Are They Really Worth Going To?

Tradeshows in 2023 - worth it or not?

In short, yes. But don’t stop reading yet! We will explain why.

Trade shows have been around for centuries. Traditionally they were used to buy, sell, and – yes you guessed it – trade spices, fur, leather, and other agricultural commodities in medieval Europe. Over the years they have evolved to meet modern needs and allow the sharing of knowledge, products, and services that meet the demand of growing and shifting economies.

Once used as marketplaces essential for survival, modern-day tradeshows now serve as educational hubs, offering information through seminars, workshops, and keynote speeches. Industry leaders share their insights and best practices to enable attendees to expand their knowledge base and stay on top of emerging trends. For the parking industry, trade shows typically explore topics on smart parking systems, data analytics for parking optimization, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and new approaches to parking facility design.

It’s not just an opportunity to gain and share knowledge, however, tradeshows can be a fantastic place to network. Imagine you are responsible for parking in your local municipality. You have been given the task of revamping your city’s parking facilities and want to incorporate the latest technology and parking solutions there are. Where to start? Well, by attending a trade show, you’d have access to demos, panel discussions, round table discussions, and booths exhibiting the latest the industry has to offer – all in one space!

Events bring together a diverse range of professionals, creating the ideal environment for networking and collaboration. They create opportunities for you to connect with like-minded individuals, establish new partnerships, and foster collaborative relationships. By interacting with peers, industry leaders, and solution providers, you can exchange ideas, share experiences, and explore potential business opportunities. 

Will we see you at an upcoming trade show?

We all felt the impact of moving into the virtual space during the pandemic, the loss of feeling really connected to our peers, and becoming isolated in the personal and business space, we suffered in one way or another from the lack of human connection. In 2023 we are again offered that chance to meet and connect in person. Apart from being invaluable for businesses, it's essential if we want to thrive personally and professionally. 

So, you're interested - now where to find the latest events and shows? 

Well luckily for you, we have just the thing! Browse through our event calendar to find all the upcoming national and international parking-related events. Here you can find events and tradeshows, parking conferences, and conventions organized by the leading parking associations and companies worldwide. 

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